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 O U R  S T O R Y

Gaudias Couture learned woodworking from his father on a farm in the small town of St. Martin, Quebec. As a young man he relocated to Maine to continue his passion of building cabinetry. He passed that passion on to his son Gerry, who began working in wood as a teenager and was hooked. Gerry went on to work and study with Thos. Moser and later directed the furniture production for Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers for more than a decade. His wife Terri studied interior design at Becker College. Since their children Bethany and Travis were exposed to the many aspects of furniture design, they also developed a passion for fine furniture and an aesthetic sensitivity to design and craftsmanship.

Bethany went on to earn a degree in interior design at Mount Ida College and practiced interior design in New York City. Travis worked side by side with his dad and continues to hone his cabinetry skills. It is this passionate family history experience that we bring to COUTURE HOME + DESIGN to create your fine furniture and cabinetry.

Our three generations of furniture and cabinetmaking craftsmanship will ensure that we meet your expectations and timely completion. We offer a wide variety of design and craftsmanship skills and materials to create your special dream kitchen or furniture ideas. Some of our projects blend beautiful wood and metal, stone, and even Maine lobster shells.

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