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How do I order furniture from Couture home + design?
You can simply give us a call at 800-738-9727 to discuss your thoughts or send us an email to and we can discuss your needs and get the process started with you.​

I have an rough idea of what I want, where do I go from here? ​
Along with our furniture design skills, we also have a professional interior architectural design service as part of our company to complete your furniture, kitchen or interior design vision.​

How long will it take to complete my furniture or kitchen?​
Our lead times vary based on both our overall workload and the size, complexity and need for your completed project. Typically, we can complete an average size project within 4 to 8 weeks.​

What is the difference between solid wood and what I would buy at a furniture store? There are many begin with we build our furniture and cabinetry with solid wood, not plywood or a material that is simply covered with wood. Think of it as more than skin deep, this means that over the years it will retain its integrity from any nicks or scars and will develop a beautiful patina that you will want to pass on to the next generation. This is not cabinetry that is intended to have a 5 or 10 year life expectancy and be replaced. The joinery, time tested construction techniques and designs are intended to live well beyond our lives. Unlike laminated furniture that looks great initially and may get chipped and later discarded, COUTURE HOME + DESIGN furniture will stand the test of time.​

Where does the wood come from? 
Some of our Maple and Ash is cut right here in Maine, much of our Cherry comes from Pennsylvania where some of the highest quality Cherry is cut. We make every effort to use our renewable resources in the most responsible manner. Even the wood scraps are used to provide heat in our workshop!​

How will it be shipped to my home or business? ​
If you are located in New England or the Tri-state area, we can hand deliver and install your custom kitchen or furniture directly. If you live beyond our delivery points, we will coordinate a "blanket wrap delivery" to your home or business.​

I have an idea for my kitchen, but I need help with the rest of the design? 
We also offer professional Interior Architectural Design services and we can take your project from a napkin sketch or a few magazine tear outs to developed designs, construction and complete installation.​



Working with a designer gives you access to specialty products, custom workrooms, designer showrooms, exclusive prices, and a guide through the design process which will ensure a professional outcome with a unique feel for your space.

From architectural details to upholstery, furniture, lighting, and home accessories, we have a variety of resources to share with you.

Quality is important to us and we will assist you with selecting custom pieces that fit your taste for your home.

*With our workshop based in Maine and Studio in New York, we are able to cover New England
and the Tri-state areas.
These locations allow us to have easy access to a number of resources from fabric and furniture showrooms to top retail stores for home decor.

-Architectural elements and inspiration all around us.

-We showcase our designs at trade shows throughout the year.

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